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Making Care Personal

IndividuALLytics® vs. Conventional Care
See how we plan to achieve superior results with IndividuALLytics® care compared to conventional care.

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IndividuALLytics® for the Patient Care can lead to improving your health every day.
Here’s how:

IndividuALLytics® makes telemedicine work for the patient. Patients with multiple chronic conditions are burdened with numerous appointments, often with multiple doctors and medications, and little coordination between them. Patients are frequently dependent on their medical team, trying to follow a diverse set of instructions that are based on what has worked for others. Today, patients want and are expecting tele-health options, but currently receive no more than a video call with a physician.

IndividuALLytics® IAQplus Connected Care program addresses these challenges. IndividuALLytics® for the patient:

• Provides patients tools and timely information to understand and be at the center of their journey for improved health and better quality of life.
• Creates a more productive physician-patient relationship and experience by increasing access to their primary care physician while reducing the    number of face-to-face visits.
• Provides wrap around patient support facilitated by a single point of contact, the Care Captain
• Provides regular, visual feedback on the patient’s response to the doctor’s treatment plan leading to better adherence.
• Provides chronic care patients potential for zero-defect health care
       ○ Individual science, known medication, small life style changes

The value of IndividuALLytics® IAQplus™ Connected Care Program is providing timelier Integrated interactions between patient, their doctor, and their care team, led by their Care Captain. The Care Captain (like the concierge at a fine hotel) will help guide the patient through the connected care process and provide the right support along the way.

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Your IAHealthQuest

We are each unique. With digital health technology, it's possible for each of us, with very little effort, to monitor our own health journey or quest with much greater attention to details and changes that apply only to us. Every quest is broken down into manageable steps called IAHealthPursuits (aka subgoals). IAHealthPursuits are typically 2 weeks in length and focus on very manageable and specific goals along your IAHealthQuest path to help you breakdown overwhelming health challenges into manageable bit-size pieces so the patient can be successful and achieve that success more quickly.

We all start our quest for better health from different places and our paths will and are expected to be different. For example, we all know increased activity and a regular sleep schedule do more than medicine alone to help sooth chronic diseases and improve general health and functioning. Our digital IAHealthQuest will let the patient establish and visualize their personal goals and progress with these and other important health improvement measures. patients

See what an affordable IndividuALLytics® N-of-1 Health Solution looks like for you.

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IndividuALLytics® for the Practitioner

IndividuALLytics® makes telemedicine work for the physician and practitioners of all disciplines.

Most physicians and practices are not ready for tele-health. They don’t have the resources, tools, staff and most importantly, the time to invest in telemedicine to improve health outcomes for their patients, reduce their workloads, and maximize the cost benefits. Physicians and other practitioners want their patients to improve faster in a less complicated system of record keeping and insurance billing.

IndividuALLytics® predictive IAQplus Connected Care program addresses these challenges for the physician:

• Reduces the workload for physicians and their staff by facilitating timely electronic record-keeping and providing a team of licensed professionals to    support the care plan for patients.
• Creates a more productive physician-patient relationship by increasing access to their primary care physician while reducing the number of face-to-face     visits.
• Provides constant monitoring of patient biometrics and behaviors allowing for early detection of necessary changes and interventions of the patient    care plan. 
• Handles billing and reimbursement for physicians alleviating staff time. 
• Provides significant cost benefits related to chronic care management resulting in more revenue for doctors 

IndividuALLytics® supports the practitioner with individual personalized care for each and every patient that provides and clinically evaluates solutions for the following:

• Poor Quality of Health and Life Outcomes 
    o Up to 80% of patients experience poor outcomes for chronic conditions
         Only 20% of patients average* medication for chronic conditions works well
         80% of patients average medication works sub-optimally
• Increased quality of life challenges for the patient when 2 to 3 conditions present
• Unexpected interactions when 3 to 10 medications prescribed
• Controlling all health risk attributes like blood pressure, blood sugar, depression, etc. and at the same time protecting or improving quality of life    (protecting against bad side effects of medications).

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* Based on data from "patientlikeme"